Join us as we explore what this world has to offer!

Believe it or not we were your "typical" 30 year old couple just a few years ago.  We were driven and successful in our careers, working our corporate jobs and spending way too much money trying to keep up with everyone else.  This was all before we decided to give it all up for a life we had been dreaming about for far too long. 

We were tired of the daily grind, working our 40+ hours a week for a large corporation, so we decided to make a change.  We knew we didn’t need the big house, the fancy cars or the large closet filled with clothes that we only wore once.  

What we wanted was something much more than we could get from sitting still and complacent in our current life.   We wanted to dig into new cultures, taste authentic food and immerse ourselves into everything that this world has to offer.  We only live once so we wanted to make this journey as incredible as it could be.