About Us

We are PIET and BRI - a fun loving couple from Canada!



Believe it or not, Piet and I have known each other since we were 16 years old.  No we weren’t high school sweethearts or anything like that, but we’ve always had that connection and undeniable chemistry from day one.  Timing wasn’t our thing- either we were dating other people, I was off traveling or Piet was down in the United States on a Golf Scholarship so it just never happened.  Fast forward 12 years, where we both live in the same city for the first time (ever!) and we decided to go on one date.  Lucky for us it was the best first date ever and we haven’t looked back since!  We are now making up for lost time as we travel the world and experience everything we can together.


We both graduated with Bachelor’s degrees in Business from different Universities and then quickly got jobs in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Piet worked as a manager for a large Sporting Goods store and Bri worked in Finance as a Cost Analyst. They paid well, we had holidays and benefits- what else could we want?!? 

We wanted A LOT more.  We wanted to get more than 3 weeks of holidays a year, we wanted the flexibility to work the hours we wanted and from the locations we could only dream of.  So we decided to make a change and start working towards the life we wanted. 


We got involved with an online business opportunity that provided us with an education platform that gave us all the tools and training needed to be successful online.  This has not only provided us with the financial freedom to travel but also the time freedom to enjoy it together!  We are now mastering the online industry and are coaching and mentoring others to do the same! (To learn more about it check out our E-book and webclass here)