Sudio Vasa BLA Headphone Review

As avid travelers and wanderlusters we spend more than our fair share of time in transit whether it’s on buses, planes, boats or donkeys (haha). That being the case we rely heavily on our headphones to deliver hours of music to get us through those long days.  We recently received Sudio Vasa Bla’s wireless Bluetooth headphones so we took them for a spin on one of our journeys. 


The Look

These headphones are definitely some of the most stylish in-ear buds we’ve ever used.  With an exclusive leather carrying case and rose-gold details we felt pretty fashionable to say the least.  Each ear bud comes with four different size tips which was great as we were both able to find an appropriate pair to fit our ears. 

The Quality

As for the sound quality, we both found it to be of great quality with the exception that the bass seemed a bit quieter than other pairs we have used.  The battery life extends up to 8 hours of playing which for the most part is plenty of time and on par with other Bluetooth headphones. 

What we both struggled with was the weight of the battery charger which is found on one side of the headphone.  It charges through USB which we love but the actual unit on the headphone is oddly a bit bulkier than either one of us would have liked.

The Verdict

Overall the headphones are great for when you are sitting still and hanging out (perfect for us in transit) but sadly they are definitely not versatile enough to wear when working out or moving around.  If you think these sound like the perfect pair for you, head on over to Sudio and use the voucher code “mypassportandu” to get 15% off your purchase.