Friends And Family

The most frequently asked question we get about our online business…..

Do I have to market on my personal facebook to my friends and family??

And the answer is not at all!!

This was a concern of ours when we started and most people have the same concern. Most online marketing in the past was designed to bug your family and friends and no one wants to do that anymore. This is why GAZ came up with the platform, marketing strategy, and opportunity to market globally to the billions of users on Facebook in different countries. We provide training on setting up a separate Facebook page to run your online business through so friends and family don't need to know that you even have an online business if you don't want to. The other added bonus we have by marketing globally is the pool of potential buyers is much bigger then your friends list or local community. 

Hopefully this gives you some insight into why GAZ is super powerful and has the ability to change your life very quickly by spreading the opportunity globally, all by the click of a mouse! 

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

Piet And Bri