Playa Del Carmen- Mexico

We spent a month in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico outside of the all-inclusive resorts and rented an awesome little Airbnb a block away from the beach.  It had this amazingly large patio with a beautiful view of the ocean.  Our favourite thing to do was to grab a couple cold cervesas and relax on the patio in the evenings while the sun was setting. The one negative to our little condo.. there was a lot of construction in the lot next door to us as they were putting up a new condo building so there was quite a few mornings we would wake up to construction noises (you win some, you lose some and we felt like we still came out on top!).


The initial reason we decided to head down to Mexico in the first place was because we had 14 of our good friends from our online business community who all decided to hang out in Playa to escape the Canadian winter for a couple of months.  When you can work anywhere in the world, why not grab a group of your friends and escape some of the early winter days?  This added a whole new element to our travels as we are used to traveling solely as a couple and meeting new people along the way so having a set group of friends already down there was a welcoming change!  We spent many nights having family suppers and group beach days.


The Food

We had some incredibly delicious food while we were in Playa.  When traveling, we often try and stay a block or two away from the main tourist strip because we find the food way over priced and to be honest not that great for what you get.  It was the same in Playa, we avoided 5th avenue like the plague after a while.  The incessant touts, people asking for money, tour operators hounding you, the not-so sly offers for drugs and the “free” tequila tastings got to be a bit too much for our liking.  So we would hit up TripAdvisor and check out some of the highly rated food hot spots that were around us.  We dabbled in a lot of thai, and Italian while of course getting our fill on Mexican.  We did end up breaking our 5th ave rule by frequenting one restaurant, near our house (on the quieter end of 5th) called El Guero.  They had the yummiest fish and shrimp tacos as well as ceviche (and great prices too) so we ate there quite a few times over the month.



Randomly enough, we lucked out on our dates and there was a PGA tour event happening just down the road from us. Even crazier was the fact that Pieter grew up playing hockey and golf with one of the players so we sent him a message wishing him luck and he was nice enough to offer up a couple free entrance tickets to the event! It was my first time ever going to an event but Pieter had been to a few in past years. There was almost no one at the event watching so we got to be up close and personal to all the players in the field which was an amazing experience for us. It was surreal to see players in real life that are celebrities and we had only seen on tv. Overall we had a great time as I went for one day and Pieter went a couple of days with some of the boys to cheer his buddy on who played amazing one of the days which was special for him to see. Maybe we will try to time a trip to Mexico next year at the same time to go to the event again!


Isla Mujeres Catamaran Tour

With an early pick-up in Playa we all bussed to the ferry docs of Cancun where we had reserved a catamaran tour for all 14 of us. Of course, we choose the adult tour to Isla Mujeres which included an open bar with an array of alcoholic beverages. It wasn’t long before the music was cranked, drinks were flowing and we were cruising on the open water. We stopped to snorkel at a reef with an abundant amount of marine life (we even got to see a sting ray buried in the sand below us). We cruised on to Isla Mujeres where we stopped for lunch and were able to explore a little more around the island before we took off to a beautiful spot on the water where we could jump off the boat and relax in the most beautiful coloured green water! It was such a spectacular day spent on the water!


Next Up: Cozumel & Tulum