Cozumel & Tulum - Mexico

Day Trip to Cozumel


We decided to take a day to head over to Cozumel and explore the island.  So we met up with Mike and Kat and their two boys early one morning and went off to find tickets for the ferry.  We were sure to find a guy on the street who we knew we could negotiate with for better boat prices instead of heading to the actual ticket office (we saved ourselves quite a few dollars doing it this route).  Once we had our tickets, we were off to the ferry docks for the quick 45 min ferry across, luckily it was a calm day and none of us got sea sick!  

Once we arrived on the island we found a taxi to take us all to a little beach bar called “Money Beach”.  This place had basically everything we could ask for!  We found these awesome beach chairs, they had delicious food, buckets of beer and cheap snorkel rentals with a reef right next to us!  We had one of the best days relaxing by the ocean with the sun shining and cold cervesas in our hands.  


The water was unbelievably clear and blue which made for some incredible snorkeling. There was tons of fish right close to shore and even more came when you pulled out tiny little pieces of bread… boy did they come fast when you pulled out the food!


The perfect way to cap off our day trip to Cozumel was the incredible sunset that was setting just as we were taking the ferry back.  It really lit up the whole sky in this firey orange and yellow blanket that made it impossible not to smile!  


 While in Playa we decided to rent a place in Tulum for 3 nights with a few other couples.  So we rented a car and took off driving the 45 minutes South.  We rented this great house that had 5 separate suites within the house, but the main selling feature was their outdoor movie area.  Every night, after dinner we set up the projector, pulled out all the blankets and outdoor mattresses, got our treats and cuddled up to watch a movie.  It was the perfect way to end our evenings!


Tulum was like a magical little haven in Mexico, a mini Bali some would describe it as.  It had a much slower, more relaxed pace than Playa.  They have this incredible strip with shops and bars and restaurants along the beach that is always jam packed busy but yet somehow remains a quiet relaxing place for every tourist.  To say we loved it was an understatement! It had this Boho-chic vibe that was very welcoming.  


During the days we would lounge on one of their beautiful beaches which was covered in beautiful white sand and clear waters that stretched every which way our eyes could look.  We definitely loved the beaches of Tulum a lot more than in Playa just because there was so much more beach and the sand was so much finer! Every evening we would hang out at one of the beach bars (you know one of the ones with large day beds) and relax as the sun went down with a few drinks in our hand.


One afternoon we decided to go check out one of the many local Cenotes in the area.  We decided on Casa Tortuga and after taking a few wrong turns (once we were inside the area none the less) we ended up at such a beautiful swimming spot.  The day was perfect and warm, the water was unbelievably blue and clear.  We lucked out and somehow managed to get the whole swimming spot to ourselves, on a Sunday none the less!  There was a spot to cliff jump where we basically set up camp for the day and played like kids again!


I think it’s safe to say that should we return to Mexico for a month or two in the future we will be looking to stay in Tulum next time around as the pace is a little slower, a little quieter and much more quaint than what Playa offered.

Next Stop: Koh Samui, Thailand