Chile - Valparaiso & Santiago

Valparaiso was by far Chile’s most vibrant and colourful city, and our personal favourite spot to visit in the country. 


Valpo is a port city built on a series of cerros (or hills), over 40 of them to be exact!  If we had wanted to visit each cerro, it would in fact take us days and days so we spent most of our time wandering through Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepcion which is where you’ll find most tourists stick to.  Given the amount of hills this city has to offer, people often use a form of transport called an acensor, which is essentially a large elevator built on the side of a hill to get you from the bottom to the top or vice versa.  It seems a little rickety and even a bit questionable on your first trip but you certainly get used to it as it definitely helped save our feet after a long day of exploring.

Graffiti Street Art

Given that one of the most well known things about Valparaiso is its street art it should come as no surprise that we spent a good chunk of our time wandering down the laneways getting lost amongst all the colourful displays of art.  There’s an explosion of colour almost everywhere you look whether its in the large murals, brightly coloured houses, patterned stairways or hand drawn art there’s something around every corner.


Where to stay?

We had an amazing stay at Gran Hotel Gervasoni which is located right in the heart of the tourist area.  It was the perfect location to be able to immerse yourself right into the culture (and spray paint) without having to go anywhere.  Located in one of the most traditional lookout points in Valparaiso it’s the perfect place to rest your head and body (especially after exploring up and down the numerous laneways and hills).


The Final Destination

After a quick hour and a half bus ride from Valparaiso to Santiago we arrived back to a main city and the last leg of our 9.5 month South American journey.  Looking forward to coming home to visit our family and friends and prepping for our 38 hours of transit home we took refuge at La Casona Hostel.  Ideally located, amongst all the hustle and bustle but tucked away on a quiet side street it was the perfect place to end our trip.


The End

2017 has truly been an incredible year for us and we are truly grateful for everything we have been able to see and experience.  If you haven’t been keeping up with us on Instagram definitely check out our page as we went through our top 30 highlights from the past 9.5 months.  It’s been an absolutely amazing experience to have been able to really experience and immerse ourselves in numerous different countries throughout South America (5 to be exact) all while building an online business.

While we may be taking a couple of months off as we visit everyone back home in British Colombia, Canada stay tuned for our adventures from our next trip to South Africa in February! 

Wishing everyone an amazing holiday this year!


Bri & Piet