Peru - Peru Hop Bus Tour

Peru with it’s varying landscapes from ocean to sand dunes to canyons is an incredible place to visit and as of now it is one of our favourite South American countries to visit.  We made the conscious decision to join Peru Hop to help get us around the country safely and efficiently and we are so happy we did.    Similar to other hop on hop off bus companies that you often see through Australia, New Zealand and Europe this is the first of its kind in South America.  We chose to do the full route, starting in Lima then up to Cusco and all the way down to La Paz, Bolivia.

So what were the buses like?  The buses are quite new so the seats are comfortable and recline quite a ways back to ensure that you can rest as much as possible on some of the overnight routes.  They even provide you with a clean down blanket to sleep with!  We loved that most buses were equipped with a usb charger so your devices could stay charged all night long.  All of our buses (but the one to La Paz) were equipped with a toilet (only for #1’s as they explicitly explained to us before we got on).

Here are some reasons why we loved Peru Hop!

Convenience and Ease – Peru Hop made our journey through Peru so easy that we sometimes forgot we were traveling through a South American country.  We loved the fact that they picked you up and dropped you off from the hotel or hostel you were staying at.  This eliminated the hassle of trying to find and barter with a taxi driver early in the morning or late at night.  South America in general has been known to have some shady taxi drivers who take advantage of tourists so eliminating this aspect all together made our life and travel journey a lot smoother.

Timely- Peru Hop makes every effort to leave on time which is a welcoming breath of fresh air compared to other bus companies that we’ve traveled with through South America.  You are given a schedule when you first arrive on the Peru Hop bus which outlines all the meeting times and departures which is an essential piece of information as you do not want to miss your pickup.

Guides- Each bus has their own Peru Hop Guide who is fluent in both English and Spanish and who help to coordinate everything.  They help order meals ahead of time at local stops, help you book a place for the night if you haven’t already done so and they also have tours that you can sign up for at some of the main spots (like Colca Canyon and Sandboarding in Huacachina).  They make your life so much easier! We’ve been on other hop on/off bus tours before where we felt pressured to join an activity or stay at a certain place but nowhere did we feel like that with Peru Hop.

Extra Activities- Another added bonus that we loved was the additional activities that were included in the ticket price.  These were stops that were never on our radar to begin with or we just couldn’t figure out an easy way to get there.  Some of these included a pisco vineyard tour in Ica (with a bunch of free tastings), the Paracas National Reserve as well as a lookout above the 3 main Nazca Lines.

Border Crossing- Because our route took us from Peru into Bolivia we actually had guided assistance at the border crossing.  Although it’s not often very hard to figure out where to exit one country and enter another it’s always nice to have a local to help guide the way.  Plus, for any Americans, Bolivia has extensive visa entry requirements, so the addition of a Bolivian guide was exceptionally helpful for them.


The only drawbacks we found was that on some of the overnight buses you would arrive very early in the next destination.  If your hotel or hostel is not prepared for that you may have to kill a couple of hours waiting to get checked in which can lead to a very long day.  That being said, the longest we had to wait was 2 hours to get checked in (after arriving at 530am) so this was never a big issue for us.


With competitive prices, amazing staff and the convenience of getting picked up and dropped off where we wanted, we would hands down take Peru Hop again.  We couldn't help but recommend it to our fellow travelers! :)

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As always, all opinions are our own even though we did receive some compensation in partnering with Peru Hop.